About us

We pride ourselves with offering our customers a simple and effective testing solution for anybody who needs it. We regularly keep on top of Government guidelines to ensure we deliver the right information at the right time and endeavour to streamline the end-to-end process as much as we can to help people like you continue with your life as normal without much disruption.

We are a team led by healthcare professionals including Doctors and Nurses offering PCR testing services without the premium prices. Navigating Covid is difficult enough, so please be assured we are here to support you in line with the mandatory guidelines set by the UK Government.

With customer satisfaction being at the forefront of our policy, we endeavour to help towards each and every customer being at the centre of fighting against Covid-19, reducing the spread and protecting people.

If you have any questions on any of our tests or simply a query about the best option for you, please contact our customer support team at info@covclinics.co.uk today and we would be happy to help.